Monday, September 6, 2010

Mall Shooting

This dream happened somewhere in middle school, so it's been a while.

So I'm in this shopping mall and I just grabbed a bunch of guns and walked out. A cashier there yelled "You can't just take those!" and with my cunning wit I quickly replied "Yes I can its just a dream." Nice one right. So that's where I realized I was dreaming, and I also realized I had a large amount of guns. I started killing people outside the mall, and I walked down the street and kept killing people. I came to my house, only it wasn't the house that I live in in real life, but it was the one I lived in for this dream. So I head into the house and go out to the back yard. Somehow the cops found me back there but they didn't have any guns, they only had knives. So I start killing the cops until there is one left, and this guy is PISSED. He comes charging at me with his knife and I start spraying his shit like there is no tomorrow. Only instead of blood coming off of him it's like red and blue paint balls that are splattering on him, like some arcade game. The bullets had the same effect, just the splatter was different. Anyways, this fucker didn't give up easily, he kept charging at me while I unloaded clips into his chest. I'm not sure if I ever killed him, or if I felt bad and just stopped shooting him, but about here I woke up.

Super Power Nuke

This happened some time before Christmas I think.

(This is another dream that starts around the middle.)
I was a ninja or something, because I remember crawling through air vents. I drop down into this place that was like a factory, it had metal grating for floors and stuff and it looked like some kind of reactor in the middle of the room I was in. There were other people in the room too so I think I killed them, I can't really remember much past here. The next part I remember I was in some kind of farm and I knew a nuke was about to blow near me. So I'm hiding in the basement putting boxes near the openings to keep me safe. Which doesn't make much sense but its a dream so yeah. So the nuke goes off and I die, then I respawn. So I'm in these air vents again crawling like usual. I drop down into this place that was like a factory, it had metal grating for floors and stuff and it looked like some kind of reactor in the middle of the room I was in. I thought that this felt really familiar, except this time I had super powers. There were still people in this room, and I know I killed these fuckers this time. I was shooting lightning out of my hands and just destroying each and every one of them. I think I cut one of their heads off. Again this is where it goes blank. So I'm in this farm again waiting for this nuke to go off. This time though there is a dog in the basement along with me and all these fucking boxes. I try to barricade the room with boxes again. When the nuke is about to go off I cover the dog with myself and then the nuke blows and I die again. I'm not sure if the dog died or not. Then I wake up, but in my dream I wake up, so in real life I'm still asleep. When I woke up I looked at the clock and it said 0:01. I realized this meant I could only die 1 more time in a dream before I died for real. The clock started at 10, so I had already died 9 other times. So about now I start freaking out about how I can't die again or else I'll be dead. Then I wake up, for real this time.

Video Game

This title might not be appropriate for what actually goes down in this dream but whatever man. Also, this is by far the longest dream I've ever had and remembered.

Okay so I'm playing some video games with my friends. I was playing TF2 and then I started playing Splinter Cell. When I started SC the game became real shit, like I was living the game, I was Sam motherfucking Fisher. I don't remember much about playing the game other than crawling around in air vents and cracking peoples necks, but that isn't important. After crawling through one particular air vent, when I dropped to the floor I was in a class room, and I was no longer Sam Fisher, I was just me. About this time I realize I'm dreaming, and for once I don't wake up instantly. So I'm sitting in this classroom with a really hot chick next to me, so, of course my first instinct is to rape her. And I do. She doesn't care that I'm raping her because it is my dream and all, but she just doesn't want to be late for her next class which began in about a minute or so. So I'm like whatever bitch. So I continue sexing her something nasty and she just stands up and leaves the room. But instead of my dick just coming out her vagina becomes this long tube thats is stretching for me to her. She doesn't care and just keeps walking to her next class. I follow her to her next class with the vagina-tube still attached. So about here it gets awkward, because I'm still naked and just walked into a class room. There were these black kids in the room just staring at me like I looked foolish or something. So I start trying to explain to them that this is just a dream and I can do whatever I want. They're not buying it. So I just leave that room and spend the rest of the dream walking around this massive school looking for someone to sex. The whole time I'm walking around I'm still naked and I'm just beating off to keep my dick hard. I knew the girl that I was looking for, but I never found her. I kept running into ugly girls or guys, so my dream ended in disappointment..


I had this one somewhere towards the beginning of this year.

(This starts about mid-dream because I can't remember how things got here)
So I'm running through a jungle with a massive Alien(the movie kind)/Raptor chasing me. There are some Indians in the jungle but I can't see them because they're behind all the brush. Anyways, these Indians are throwing massive blue balls at the Alien-Raptor in order to get it to stop chasing me. This goes on and I end up running out of these woods near my house and I run to my house and stop in my lawn. When I turn around to confront the Raptor-Alien it is now an Asian girl with very sharp teeth and she keep chomping her teeth. So I figure I'll pull out the Clint Eastwood and be a fucking badass about now so I say "If you're going to put anything in your mouth, might as well be my dick." I was expecting her to be a little taken back but she just responded with "K." She came running at me trying to eat my dick and I was freaking out about now and started running from her. Out of fucking nowhere I became fucking Flash and was running like a champ. About this time I realized I was dreaming and I started turning around so I could go rape her and stuff but then my dream started to get really fuzzy and then I woke up. This was probably one of the more recent dreams that I remember.


This one happened forever ago. Maybe around when I was 8 or 9.

I was in this big warehouse deal, all they seemed to sell was ladders. They had metal shelves that were miles tall with just ladders everywhere. So what I did was climb a ladder and wherever the ladder ended I would climb across the metal shelve and jump down the other side. This was the entire dream. I repeated those same motions for the whole dream. And it was the best dream I've ever had.

Shit Got Real

I had this one just about 2 weeks ago.

I was playing one of those games that are like "Time Crisis" or something. How you hold a plastic gun and shoot the screen and kill shit. This game was like a Wii though, however I was holding the gun was how the guy on the screen was holding the gun. Also, the guy on the screen was me. So I was playing this game and my friends were watching me play. After a while I started joking around and I put the gun under my chin like I was going to kill myself, I was laughing but my friends started to freak out. All of a sudden shit got real. I wasn't playing a game anymore, I was just holding a gun under my chin about to kill myself and I was freaking the fuck out. I started crying and shit and my friends were like "Don't do it!" I did it. I died in my dream and slept through it, which is pretty cool because the next part was just blackness. After a little bit of the blackness I was in heaven and everything was weird.

Demon Dog Pencils

Okay so thus one is kind of fucked up. It happened a while ago and I hope I remember everything right.

So I was in this creepy kind of mansion thing and I was walking minding my own business, then I walked into this room and when I tried to leave I couldn't. There were these training cones (soccer and football players should know what these are) that were creating a forcefield that wouldn't let me get past the cones. There was somebody outside the cones that was moving them around and changing the shape of the forcefield, but I didn't give a shit about that. So I explored the room I was trapped in and there were stairs leading up to a second story, the stairs were very fancy and the second story wasn't as large as the first. I went up the stairs and when I got up there, there was a dog that kind of looked like Entei. This dog freaked the fuck out and attacked my shit. We went flying down the stairs to the first floor. I was trying to fight him but he seems invulnerable to everything. It was about now that I noticed a T.V. stand and in the stand was a box full of misc. items, one item being a pencil. I took this pencil and stabbed the dog in the stomach. I kept stabbing him until his stomach was cut clean open, and inside, I found more pencils! End.

Mortar Strike Inbound

Okay so I had this dream about half a year ago, it was short but interesting.

I was in a valley that was on a mountain. Their were mountain peaks around me and the valley meant that I could only travel in the valley so it was like a one-way road. Anyways, I was there with my friends from school and a teacher that I had the year before and her class. I was walking with everyone through the valley then my friends and I decided to stop walking and just hungout around some trees and bushes that were in this valley, the teacher and her class kept walking. We were hanging around talking for a little while then the teacher's class came running back to us screaming. This is about when I noticed the hundreds of grenades coming flying at my friends and I. It was some weird artillery strike that was just grenades, shit was weird. One of my friends was going to try to run across the clearing to the other side of the valley and use the wall as protection. While he was running across he decided to hide inside a bush instead. He died shortly after. After my friend died the grenades were within feet of me and I could see them all heading straight for my face. I died, then I woke up.


Okay so I've had some pretty fucked up dreams in my life and I've always wanted to write them down or something but I never do. So I created this dream blog! I'll start by posting all the dreams that I can remember then I'll try to post whenever I remember my dreams.