Monday, September 6, 2010

Video Game

This title might not be appropriate for what actually goes down in this dream but whatever man. Also, this is by far the longest dream I've ever had and remembered.

Okay so I'm playing some video games with my friends. I was playing TF2 and then I started playing Splinter Cell. When I started SC the game became real shit, like I was living the game, I was Sam motherfucking Fisher. I don't remember much about playing the game other than crawling around in air vents and cracking peoples necks, but that isn't important. After crawling through one particular air vent, when I dropped to the floor I was in a class room, and I was no longer Sam Fisher, I was just me. About this time I realize I'm dreaming, and for once I don't wake up instantly. So I'm sitting in this classroom with a really hot chick next to me, so, of course my first instinct is to rape her. And I do. She doesn't care that I'm raping her because it is my dream and all, but she just doesn't want to be late for her next class which began in about a minute or so. So I'm like whatever bitch. So I continue sexing her something nasty and she just stands up and leaves the room. But instead of my dick just coming out her vagina becomes this long tube thats is stretching for me to her. She doesn't care and just keeps walking to her next class. I follow her to her next class with the vagina-tube still attached. So about here it gets awkward, because I'm still naked and just walked into a class room. There were these black kids in the room just staring at me like I looked foolish or something. So I start trying to explain to them that this is just a dream and I can do whatever I want. They're not buying it. So I just leave that room and spend the rest of the dream walking around this massive school looking for someone to sex. The whole time I'm walking around I'm still naked and I'm just beating off to keep my dick hard. I knew the girl that I was looking for, but I never found her. I kept running into ugly girls or guys, so my dream ended in disappointment..

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