Monday, September 6, 2010

Mall Shooting

This dream happened somewhere in middle school, so it's been a while.

So I'm in this shopping mall and I just grabbed a bunch of guns and walked out. A cashier there yelled "You can't just take those!" and with my cunning wit I quickly replied "Yes I can its just a dream." Nice one right. So that's where I realized I was dreaming, and I also realized I had a large amount of guns. I started killing people outside the mall, and I walked down the street and kept killing people. I came to my house, only it wasn't the house that I live in in real life, but it was the one I lived in for this dream. So I head into the house and go out to the back yard. Somehow the cops found me back there but they didn't have any guns, they only had knives. So I start killing the cops until there is one left, and this guy is PISSED. He comes charging at me with his knife and I start spraying his shit like there is no tomorrow. Only instead of blood coming off of him it's like red and blue paint balls that are splattering on him, like some arcade game. The bullets had the same effect, just the splatter was different. Anyways, this fucker didn't give up easily, he kept charging at me while I unloaded clips into his chest. I'm not sure if I ever killed him, or if I felt bad and just stopped shooting him, but about here I woke up.


  1. Sounds like you're not living life to the fullest, we should stalk each other and learn. I could help you.

    :) I am following you because of this

  2. Guns don't work for my in dreams, they turn into water guns.

  3. I just learned something new today... thanks!

  4. "Guns don't work for my in dreams, they turn into water guns."