Monday, September 6, 2010

Mortar Strike Inbound

Okay so I had this dream about half a year ago, it was short but interesting.

I was in a valley that was on a mountain. Their were mountain peaks around me and the valley meant that I could only travel in the valley so it was like a one-way road. Anyways, I was there with my friends from school and a teacher that I had the year before and her class. I was walking with everyone through the valley then my friends and I decided to stop walking and just hungout around some trees and bushes that were in this valley, the teacher and her class kept walking. We were hanging around talking for a little while then the teacher's class came running back to us screaming. This is about when I noticed the hundreds of grenades coming flying at my friends and I. It was some weird artillery strike that was just grenades, shit was weird. One of my friends was going to try to run across the clearing to the other side of the valley and use the wall as protection. While he was running across he decided to hide inside a bush instead. He died shortly after. After my friend died the grenades were within feet of me and I could see them all heading straight for my face. I died, then I woke up.

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