Monday, September 6, 2010


I had this one somewhere towards the beginning of this year.

(This starts about mid-dream because I can't remember how things got here)
So I'm running through a jungle with a massive Alien(the movie kind)/Raptor chasing me. There are some Indians in the jungle but I can't see them because they're behind all the brush. Anyways, these Indians are throwing massive blue balls at the Alien-Raptor in order to get it to stop chasing me. This goes on and I end up running out of these woods near my house and I run to my house and stop in my lawn. When I turn around to confront the Raptor-Alien it is now an Asian girl with very sharp teeth and she keep chomping her teeth. So I figure I'll pull out the Clint Eastwood and be a fucking badass about now so I say "If you're going to put anything in your mouth, might as well be my dick." I was expecting her to be a little taken back but she just responded with "K." She came running at me trying to eat my dick and I was freaking out about now and started running from her. Out of fucking nowhere I became fucking Flash and was running like a champ. About this time I realized I was dreaming and I started turning around so I could go rape her and stuff but then my dream started to get really fuzzy and then I woke up. This was probably one of the more recent dreams that I remember.